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At CDL Truck Services, we work with companies and individuals looking to upgrade/re-establish their licenses to commercial status in the state of Texas. Our most popular program provides one-day CDL training and truck rental.

Upon signing up for our assistance program, you must have the experience on how to back up some types of Class A trailers and drive manual transmissions before you arrive. We will show you everything else you need to pass the test.

Thanks to our late model trucks, you will be able to practice every maneuver required by the TxDPS. You can learn and practice a very thorough pre-trip instruction.

We reserve the right to refuse service and truck rentals if deemed unsafe practices.


   1. You will  need to pass a basic DOT physical to qualify for a commercial driver license. Go to your local DMV to complete 4 written tests for the commercial driver’s license.  

    For $55, you can receive a same-day DOT physical from Fields Chiropractic Clinic in Longview, Texas or you can use a doctor of your choice.

    Fields Chiropractic Clinic
    2143 Gilmer Road
    Longview, TX 75604
    (903) 234-2886

  2. Go and take the test for your Class A or B with air brakes permit.

  3. For class A, you will need to complete 4 written tests.  (Texas Rules, General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination) Once you have passed your 4 written tests, you can then pay for your          permit.

  4. They will then issue you a paper permit while you wait for your hard copy permit. You mustwait 14 days after you pay for your permit to take your driving exam (pre-trip, skills, and road test). 

  5. Once you have your hard copy permit, or your paper print-out of your permit, call CDL Truck Services to schedule your appointment. Arrive at our testing site on time with your permit and     driver’s license. With the assistance program, we will go through all reviews, including: pre-trip, basic skills, and road.


  • Pre-trip inspection. During this section, you will be evaluated on your knowledge of vehicle safety by performing a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle. Your examiner will have you explain what you needed to inspect and why.
  • Basic vehicle control. In this section, you will be tested on your control skills in your vehicle. You are required to perform forward and backward movements as well as turns within defined areas. 
  • On-road test. This section consists of a number of traffic situations, including left and right turns, intersection navigation, railway crossings, curves, grades, single and multi-lane roads, highways, and streets.

For more information about how we can help you get your CDL in the state of Texas, contact CDL Truck Services today!

We are not a school.

We offer a less expensive alternative to truck driving schools.