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Contact us after you've passed your written CDL test & have your CDL learner's permit
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We train 7 days a week!     |      Contact us after you've passed your written CDL test & have your CDL learner's permit     |        Call Us:(903) 663-3388   |  

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Coming February 2022
Online ELDT Classes

The FMSCA has added additional steps to get your Commercial Driver’s License. To help working people complete these additional steps, CDL Truck Services will be adding an Online ELDT course In February 2022.

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CDL Test Truck Rentals
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Trucking schools can cost upwards of $10, 000 dollars.

And that's not including the fees to get your CDL learner's permit, take all of the tests, file all the applications, and everything else. When it’s all said and done, you can expect to pay almost $12,000 for your CDL--if you pass the tests on the first round.

CDL Truck Services offers a better way. We offer commercial truck rentals at affordable rates that can help you practice, take, and pass the CDL road test--easy! Our packages also include hands-on tutoring with our expert CDL instructors.

We’ll work with you to make sure you get the practice you need to pass the CDL pre-trip, road, and air brake tests. Our instructors have years of experience on the road and helping others ace their CDL tests.

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  • Class A & B Truck Rentals

    Class A & B Truck Rentals

    CDL Truck Services provides CDL truck rentals that can help you practice for and pass the Texas CDL Road test. Our trucks provide superior visibility, which will help you pass your CDL road test the first time.

  • Pass the Pre-Trip, Backing & Road Test

    Automatic & Manual Transmissions

    Our fleet of CDL rentals includes models with both manual and automatic transmissions. If you need an unrestricted CDL, we'll make sure that you have the vehicles you need to test and practice in to get it.

  • CDL Trucks Available

    Preparation for the Pre-trip, Backing & Road Test

    Every CDL test consists of three parts: pre-trip inspection, basic maneuvers, and road test. Our fleet of CDL truck rentals will prepare you to pass with flying colors. Our instructors will also give you pointers and an on-site evaluation so you know what to expect when you take the road test.

  • Automatic & Manual Transmissions

    Written Test Preparation

    If you’re having difficulty passing the written tests to get your commercial learner’s permit, we have test preparation packets available. These packets contain the actual questions and answers you’ll see on the written tests.

Our Rates

7 days a week
CDL Truck Service strives to make getting a Texas CDL as simple as possible. We schedule appointments 7 days a week and offer full services during those times. We’ll make sure you have a truck, trailer, and an instructor dedicated to your success when you need them to pass the Texas CDL road test.
Cash, Master Card, Visa, American Express. No Refunds, No Exceptions.

Each rental includes the rental, a comprehensive review from one of our experienced instructors, and 2 hours at the testing site. Our instructors will help with every portion of the test, including the air brake testing, the pre-trip test, backing skills, and the road test. When you’re done, we’ll make sure you have the knowledge and skills to ace the Texas CDL test.

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Asked Questions

  • What is a CDL?

    A Commercial Driver License (CDL) is required for all drivers operating large commercial motor vehicles. By carrying a CDL, you prove that you have been trained and tested and that you are qualified to operate such vehicles.

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  • What Types of CDL Can I Get?

    Applicants may qualify for three basic classes of CDL: Class A, B, & C. A Class A CDL permits the holder to operate vehicles with a weight in excess of 26,001 pounds, with an excess of 10,000 pounds towed.

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  • What are the Benefits of CDL Truck Services?

    At CDL Truck Services, we specialize in helping potential CDL holders practice for all components of the CDL Test. By providing easy-to-operate single-axle day cab tractors with 28 ft. single axle trailers, trainees may practice every aspect of the CDL Test in advance to ensure a higher chance of success.

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  • What are the Requirements to Get My CDL in Texas?

    All applicants for a CDL in the state of Texas must have a Texas driver license. When you apply for your CDL, you must obtain and hold a Commercial Driver License Permit for at least 14 days. Applicants must complete the CDL application before arriving at their local office.

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