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At CDL Truck Services, we help Texans get their Commercial Driver’s License quickly and affordably. We maximize our students’ potential with a fleet of Class A & Class B semi truck rentals for their CDL tests, with each rental including plenty of time to practice beforehand.

A rental from CDL Truck Services includes one-on-one instruction with our experienced CDL instructors. They will teach you what you need to know, critique your driving, and help you where you need it the most. If you need a CDL test truck rental in Texas, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Truck Rentals For CDL Test

Before you get behind the wheel of a commercial truck, you’ll first need to pass written tests and get your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). After that, you have to wait two weeks before you can take the final CDL road test. During that time, you should practice your driving.

Very few people own commercial vehicles that they’re able to practice in, so a lot of Texans choose to use CDL test truck rentals. This allows them to learn how to drive a commercial vehicle. When they’re ready to take the final CDL Skills Test, they will also need to bring the truck they’ll test in.

At CDL Truck Services, we’ve selected a fleet of vehicles to rent for both practice and the CDL Skills Test. If you need a truck rental for your CDL test in in Texas, we can help.

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About Our CDL Rental Trucks

When we picked trucks to begin a CDL training school, we took good care to find ones that maximize our students’ ability to pass their final skills test the first time they take it. We’ve hand-picked these vehicles for their high visibility and ease of driving.

Our fleet includes both Class A and Class B commercial vehicles, and we have both automatic and manual transmission rentals available. These trucks are easy to drive and have clear views all around, making them ideal for beginners who need to learn and take exams.

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Our Instructors

Each of our commercial truck rentals includes one-on-one instruction with one of our experienced CDL trainers. Throughout your rental, they’ll work with you to teach you everything you need to know to pass your CDL Skills Test. They’ll also help you develop your skills and maximize your potential to pass the test on your first try.

Our CDL Trainers

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We’ve helped hundreds of Texans pass their CDL Road Test on the first try. Our unique combination of affordable CDL truck rentals with one-on-one instruction from experienced CDL Trainers means we can help you get your CDL fast.

If you want to learn everything you need and nothing you don’t, contact us today.

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