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CDL Truck Rental & CDL Training In Waco, TX

When getting a Texas Commercial Driver’s License, there are so many options that they can be overwhelming. Texas CDL Truck Services offers an affordable, efficient way to get your commercial license in Texas. Wherever you are on the road to getting your license, we can help.
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An Affordable Option To Trucking Schools

When considering a career on the road, trucking schools can seem like a great option. However, trucking schools can cost thousands of dollars and take years to complete. While that’s a great option for some, working people don’t have that kind of time or money to invest in getting their license.

Texas CDL Truck Services offers an affordable, fast alternative to truck driving schools. From preparing to get your Commercial Learner’s Permit to taking your final driving test, we provide everything you need to get your license.

If you’re excited about a career on the open road, Texas CDL Truck Services can help you get there without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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CDL Practice Tests - Waco, TX

After completing the initial paperwork and determining whether or not you’re eligible to get a Texas CDL, the first step to getting your license is to get your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). Once you have your CLP, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle and practice driving.

To get your CLP, you’ll need to pass a minimum of 3-4 tests. They’re multiple choice, but you’ll need to get at least 80% of the questions correct to pass. A lot of people struggle with these exams, but Texas CDL Truck Services offers CDL practice tests that feature the same questions the tests do.

With our test preparation packets and a little studying, you’ll have everything you need to pass your written exams.

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CDL Trainers - Waco, TX

Once you’ve gotten your CLP, you’ll have to wait a minimum of two weeks before you can take the final tests and get your license. This period is meant to provide you with the time to get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle and practice your driving skills with a licensed commercial driver.

With every Class A truck rental and Class B truck rentals from Texas CDL Truck Services, you’ll receive one-on-one training with a certified driver and experienced instructor. They’ll show you how to drive and develop a plan for you to work on your skills. They’ll even tell you what to expect on your exam.

When you’re done you’ll have all the experience you need when you take for final CDL Skills Test. 
All testing is done in Longview, TX.

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CDL Test Truck Rentals - Waco, TX

Once you’re ready to take your final licensing exam, you’ll need to book a testing date at a DPS location that offers CDL testing. You can book anywhere in the state, but wherever you decide to take your test you’ll need to bring your own commercial vehicle. Most people bring a CDL rental vehicle.

All testing is done in Longview, TX.

When you learn to drive with us, your practice rental will include time for you to take your exam. Not only will you take your exam in our easy-to-drive, high-visibility commercial vehicles, you’ll have experience driving the exact vehicle you’re taking the test in. You’ll have everything you need to pass your driving test the first time you take it.

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  • After filling out the initial paperwork, getting a physical (if required), and determining your eligibility to get a CDL license, you’ll need to get your CLP. To do that, you’ll need to pass 3 or 4 written exams with at least 80% of the questions correct. These tests include:

    • Texas Commercial Rules Exam
    • CDL General Knowledge Test
    • Combination Exam (for Class A licenses)
    • The Air Brakes Test
    • Any Endorsement exams
  • While the requirements for a CDL vary based on the type of license you’re applying for, there are a few requirements for all of them: applicants should have a clean driving record without a history of drug or alcohol abuse. After that, you may be required to submit to a physical exam. More information about the CDL physical can be found on the Texas DPS website.

  • When you’ve finished practicing and have booked your test date, you can expect your final CDL road test to have three parts:

    Pre-Trip Inspection - The first part of the test begins before you even start the engine. You’ll be assessed on your ability to determine if the vehicle adheres to safety standards. This part of the test also includes evaluating your ability to initiate the air brakes.

    Basic Maneuvers - This part of the test takes place on a closed course. You’ll drive a commercial vehicle and be tested on your ability to perform basic maneuvers, like turning, backing up, and parking.

    Road Test - On the final part of your CDL driving test, you’ll take a commercial vehicle out on the open road. You’ll be assessed on your ability to drive in standard traffic conditions as well as your knowledge of commercial driving laws.

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CDL Truck Service strives to make getting a Texas CDL as simple as possible. We’re schedule appointments 7 days a week and offer full services during those times. We’ll make sure you have a truck, trailer, and an instructor dedicated to your success when you need them to pass the Texas CDL road test.
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Each rental includes the rental, a comprehensive review from one of our experienced instructors, and 2 hours at the testing site. Our instructors will help with every portion of the test, including the air brake testing, the pre-trip test, backing skills, and the road test. When you’re done, we’ll make sure you have the knowledge and skills to ace the Texas CDL test.

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If you’re looking for a no-fuss, affordable way to obtain your CDL, Texas CDL Truck Services can help you every step of the way. Don’t wait to start your life on the road, contact us today to get started.

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