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CDL Truck Services is dedicated to providing CDL test truck rental and the hands-on experience drivers need to pass their Texas commercial driver license test. We are proud of our status as a cost-effective alternative to high-priced trucking schools. When you need to get your Class A or Class B CDL ASAP, you need to contact us to make an appointment with one of our expert instructors.

CDL Test Truck Rental

At CDL Truck Services, we offer easy-to-drive single-axle day cab tractors with 28 ft. single axle trailers. Because you can see all angles around our trucks, it’s easier to perform backing maneuvers. You’ll never have to worry about running over curbs or double yellow lines that would otherwise fail you.

Our trucks have 6-speed synchronized transmissions, allowing you to shift them just like you would a normal car or truck – no double-clutching required. This way, you can concentrate more on your driving instead of double-clutching and missing gears.

Since these trucks are a little smaller, it’s easier and faster to complete your pre-trip. In other words, CDL Truck Services has made it as easy as possible to get your Class A CDL with no restrictions.

CDL Truck Services provides the safest, easiest CDL test truck rental equipment you can find to pass the Texas Commercial Driver License test in your first attempt. For more information on our instructional programs, rental trucks, and more, contact us today.

We are not a school.

We offer a less expensive alternative to truck driving schools.