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Contact us after you've passed your written CDL test & have your CDL learner's permit
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We train 7 days a week!     |      Contact us after you've passed your written CDL test & have your CDL learner's permit     |        Call Us:(903) 663-3388   |  

An Affordable Alternative To Trucking Schools

We Train 7 Days a Week! 

Don’t waste money on an expensive private trucking school. CDL Truck Services can help you get a Texas CDL in no time and for a fraction of the cost. We are an approved FMCSA training provider.

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CDL Study Guides and CDL Truck Rental In Texas

CDL Truck services provides rental vehicles, study guides for the Texas CDL General Knowledge Test, one-on-one instruction, and everything else you need to get a CDL in Texas. Our knowledgeable instructors will teach you everything you need to know, from the CDL pre-trip test to the CDL air brake test.

We’ve carefully selected some of the best trucks available for you to practice, learn, and test in. They’ve been selected for the ease with which they drive. They’ll be easier to see in, maneuver, and learn how to drive. With one of our rentals, you’ll be prepared to pass your Texas CDL test on the first try.

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Our Fleet Of CDL Rental Trucks

Each of our rental trucks has a 28 foot, single axle trailer. This makes them easy to maneuver in and makes the backing, parallel parking, and turning sections of the driving test much easier. They also provide superior visibility, which makes driving them easier and will allow you to focus on learning.

Each of our vehicles comes built with a 6-speed synchronized transmission. They shift just like a normal car or truck, so you don’t need to learn about double clutching. During your driving test, this will allow you to focus on driving. While you practice, you can focus on learning and listening to our experienced instructors.

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  • Class A CDL Truck Rentals

    CDL Truck Services has a fleet of Class A rental trucks available for rental. Each rental includes one-on-one time with one of our knowledgeable instructors. They’ll critique your driving, help you identify the skills you need to work on--like the air brake system--and prepare you to take the CDL Air Brake test and driving test.

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  • Class B CDL Truck Rentals

    CDL Truck Service also has a fleet of Class B rental trucks available. As with our Class A Rentals, you’ll get one-on-one time with an instructor who will help you study and prepare to take your CDL written and practical exams. Whether you’re getting a new CDL or upgrading, you’ll be as prepared as possible.

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  • CDL General Knowledge Test Questions

    To get your CDL learner’s permit, you’ll need to pass four or more--depending on your specific circumstances--CDL permit tests. You’ll need to pass with at least 80% of the questions answered correctly. These tests include:

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    Texas Commercial Vehicle Operation Test
    General Knowledge Exam
    Written Air Brakes Exam
    The Combination Exam

    CDL Truck Services offers CDL practice tests and study guides that contain every possible question to these exams. These guides will position you for success while getting you ready to pass on the very first try. When you have your permit in hand, you’ll be ready to practice for the CDL skills test.

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  • Class A CDL Test Preparation

    If you’re attempting to get a Class A Texas CDL, CDL Truck Services can provide everything you need. Our fleet of Class A Rental Trucks will prepare you for your test. We are an approved FMCSA training provider. Contact us today to take the first steps to your new career. 

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  • Class B CDL Test Preparation

    If you need a Class B Texas CDL or you’re upgrading from a Class A CDL, our fleet of Class B Truck Rentals and experienced instructors can help get you ready to pass on the first try. Contact us today and take your first steps to a new career.

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