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CDL TEST PREPARATION & CDL Truck Rentals in Canton, TX

If you are interested in getting your CDL, Texas CDL Truck Services can help. We provide Class A and Class B truck rentals to help you practice. Our experienced CDL trainers will help you understand the test and teach you what you need to pass on your first try.
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Skip Expensive Driving Schools

Trucking schools can cost upwards of $10 thousand, and that’s all on top of the license, testing, and exam fees you’ll have to pay. Texas CDL Truck Services is an alternative to traditional CDL truck driving schools that will help you get your CDL in record time.

We offer class A truck rentals that you can use to take your driving test or to practice on. Every package you purchase from Texas CDL Truck Services also comes with an experienced CDL driving instructor to help you understand the air brake test, skills test, and driving test.

With our help, you’ll pass on your first try.
All testing is done in Longview, TX.

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CDL Test Preparation, Canton TX

To get your Texas Commercial Learner’s Permit, you’ll need to pass the CDL written exam at a Texas DPS office. To help you succeed on the written exam and avoid paying to test more than once, Texas CDL Truck Services offers study guides for the test.

Our study guides contain the actual questions on the tests you’ll need to take. The questions on the test will be randomly selected from this pool, so our packet can help you accelerate your CDL license acquisition.

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CDL Test Truck Rentals in Canton, TX

If you plan on gettings your CDL, you’ll need to rent a truck for your CDL test. You’ll use this truck and take the exam in it. It’s best that you drive a truck that’s easy to handle and that you’ve driven before.

This is where Texas CDL Truck Services comes in. We provide Class A and Class B truck rentals to use for practice and your final exam. Our commercial truck rentals offer superior visibility and handle like a dream. They’re perfect for learning and passing your CDL skills exam.

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CDL Instructors in Canton, TX

Every CDL Truck rental from Texas CDL Truck Service comes with an experienced CDL test instructor. They will walk you through each step of the exam. By the time you’re done with them, you’ll be ready to pass the test on the first try.

All testing is done in Longview, TX.

Each of our instructors will help you learn your way around the truck. They’ll provide detailed critiques and develop a curriculum based on exactly what you need to know to pass the test and nothing more.

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  • The first step to acquiring a Texas CDL is to get your Commercial Learner’s Permit. In order to do so, you must pass several written examinations. Our CDL written examination test packet can help you ace these exams and move on to the next step.

    You will be tested on your knowledge of the following:

    • Texas Commercial Rules
    • General Knowledge
    • Combination (if you’re applying for a Class A license)
    • Air Brakes
    • Information related to endorsements
  • After you’ve acquired your Texas Commercial Learner’s Permit, you’re required to hold it for 14 days before you’re eligible to take the skills and driving test. During this time, it’s best to practice in the same vehicle you plan to test in.

    Depending on the type of license you’re getting, you may also need to pass a medical exam. More information about medical exams can be found on the Texas DPS website.

    Once you’ve completed your mandatory 14 days, you can take the skills and driving tests. If you pass those, you’ll qualify for your commercial driver’s license.

  • The Texas CDL skills test has three parts:

    • Pre-Trip Inspection. This will test your knowledge of how to properly assess if your vehicle is road-worthy. You’ll also be tested on your ability to operate the vehicle’s airbrake system safely.

    • Basic maneuvers. During this portion of the test, you’ll be driving your commercial vehicle and demonstrating your ability to turn, back up, move forward, and park.

    • Road Test. In the final portion of the test, you’ll go out on the open road and drive around other vehicles. It will assess how well you perform during real traffic conditions in your area.

Our Rates

7 days a week
CDL Truck Service strives to make getting a Texas CDL as simple as possible. We’re schedule appointments 7 days a week and offer full services during those times. We’ll make sure you have a truck, trailer, and an instructor dedicated to your success when you need them to pass the Texas CDL road test.
Cash, Master Card, Visa, American Express. No Refunds, No Exceptions.

Each rental includes the rental, a comprehensive review from one of our experienced instructors, and 2 hours at the testing site. Our instructors will help with every portion of the test, including the air brake testing, the pre-trip test, backing skills, and the road test. When you’re done, we’ll make sure you have the knowledge and skills to ace the Texas CDL test.

Get Your Commercial Driver’s License in Canton, TX

Don’t let the expense of a trucking school stop you from getting your commercial driver’s license. Contact Texas CDL Truck Services, and we’ll help get you on the road in no time!

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