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Contact us after you've passed your written CDL test & have your CDL learner's permit
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We train 7 days a week!     |      Contact us after you've passed your written CDL test & have your CDL learner's permit     |        Call Us:(903) 663-3388   |  

Get your Texas CDL fast

We train 7 days a week

CDL Truck Services specializes in making sure you get your Texas CDL fast. We can help you every step of the way while you work to get or upgrade your commercial license.
We are an approved FMCSA training provider.

Before you start getting your license, you should see if you meet the requirements for a Texas Commercial Driver’s License.

  • To qualify for a Texas CDL, you must meet the following physical requirements:

    ● Be a Texas resident at least 21 years of age
    ● Be able to read, understand, and speak English
    ● Have all of your limbs
    ● Have full use of your hands, feet, and appendages
    ● Have at least 20/40 vision in both eyes (corrective lenses are allowed)
    ● Have good hearing

    You will not qualify for a Texas CDL if you have any of the following:

    ● Diabetes that requires the use of insulin to control
    ● Heart problems
    ● Severe respiratory dysfunction
    ● High blood pressure (use of medicine is acceptable)
    ● Epilepsy
    ● A substance abuse problem, alcohol included
    ● Physical, mental, or emotional disease that would impair your ability to drive a vehicle

    In addition, your driving record may disqualify you from getting a Texas CDL. Serious moving violations and DWIs are included.

  • Just like with a regular Texas driver’s license, to get a CDL, you must first obtain a permit. The permit will allow you to practice driving and receive instruction while behind the wheel of a Class A, Class B, or Class C vehicle.

    CDL Truck Services is here to help you with this part. In order to get your Texas CDLP, you need to pass the CDL written examinations first. Our Texas CDL written test preparation packet will help you do this.

    Our test preparation packet is only $125 and features all of the questions and answers each of the four tests use. In addition to that, our instructors will be able to give you some tips and advice on taking the test.

    Get a CDL Practice Test

  • Endorsements will allow you to drive certain vehicles or transport certain materials. Each endorsement requires a special test to ensure you’ll transport that material safely and securely. Endorsements include:

    ● H - Certified to transport hazardous materials

    ● N - Certified to operate a tank vehicle that’s transporting liquid or gas

    ● P - Certified to operate a vehicle transporting people

    ● S - Certified to operate a school bus

    ● T - Certified to two or three trailers

    ● X - Certified to transport a combination of hazardous material and tanks

  • Practice makes perfect. During this stage, you should work on your driving skills and awareness. A commercial vehicle is very different from a car or truck. But this is where we come in.

    CDL Truck Services’ fleet of Class A and Class B commercial vehicles can help you learn and get comfortable behind the wheel before your CDL skills and driving test. Alongside that, you’ll have an experienced instructor to review your performance and teach you the skills you need to pass the CDL test on your first try.

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Practice Makes Perfect

At CDL Truck Services, we’ll do everything in our power to situate you for a successful CDL driving test. We’ll give you the tools and help you learn how to use them. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment for your CDL truck rental.

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