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CDL Test Truck Rental in Longview, TX & Kilgore, TX

If you wish to receive your CDL in Longview, Texas, or Kilgore, Texas, but don’t want to break the bank paying for instruction and practice truck rental, call CDL Truck Services!

A Commercial Driver License (CDL) is necessary for any driver in Longview, Texas or Kilgore, Texas and beyond who wants to operate large commercial motor vehicles. The CDL test contains numerous challenges, many of which are difficult without practicing in the trucks themselves beforehand.

Our mission at CDL Truck Services is to assist potential CDL holders in the Longview area with earning their commercial driver licenses by providing rental trucks for practice and instructors with extensive knowledge of the test itself.

The fleet of practice trucks we provide trainees are easy-to-drive single-axle day cab tractors with 28 ft. single-axle trailers. When you need to get your CDL in Longview, these trucks allow you to perform complicated maneuvers more easily as you concentrate on learning every aspect of the test. From pre-trip to basic backward and forward maneuvers to more complicated turns and traffic situations, CDL Truck Services covers everything potential CDL holders in Longview need to succeed.

Affordable alternative to trucking schools

CDL Truck Services is not a traditional driving school. Instead, we offer a more affordable alternative for mastering the skills required to pass the CDL test in Longview, Texas. For more information on our instructional programs for potential CDL holders, contact us today.

We are not a school.

We offer a less expensive alternative to truck driving schools.