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CDL TEST PREPARATION & CDL Truck Rentals in Longview, TX

Are you trying to get your Texas Commercial Driver’s License? Texas CDL Truck Services can help. We provide CDL truck rentals for both testing and practice. Our rental options also offer hands-on instruction from one of our experienced CDL driving instructors, who will help you learn everything you need to pass the skills test.
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Online ELDT Courses At CDL Truck Service

In 2022, the FMCSA began requiring additional training prior to qualifying for certain licenses and endorsements. Those seeking a Class A or Class B license or endorsement for passenger vehicles and school busses must now take and complete Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) courses.

CDL Truck Services offers all of these ELDT courses online. Register, take, and complete your ELDT training from the comfort of your own home–or anywhere else, for that matter. Sign up today and take the first steps to getting your CDL.

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Don’t Waste $10 Thousand On A Trucking School

CDL driving schools are expensive. Good ones can cost up to $10 thousand, and that doesn’t include all the application and testing fees you’ll need to actually get your license. Texas CDL Truck Services offers an affordable alternative to traditional trucking schools. We provide Class A and Class B truck rentals alongside hands-on tutoring.

Our CDL Test truck rental services will allow you to get familiar with driving and the vehicle you’ll be using during the test. Our instructors will help you understand what the test will evaluate and provide a critique, so you know what you need to work on during your rental.

Go with Texas CDL Truck Services and let us help you pass the skills test on the first try.

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Prepare For The CDL Written Examinations in Longview, TX

To qualify for your Texas Commercial Learner’s Permit, you’ll need to pass the written examinations. The written exams will test your general knowledge of commercial driving, the rules of the road, and more.

Texas CDL Truck Services offers a test preparation packet that will help you pass this battery of tests and qualify for your CLP. Our test preparation packets will have the same questions you’ll see on the exams. They’ll position you for success--all you have to do is study.

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Rent A Truck For The CDL Test In Longview, TX

When you take the Texas CDL skills test, you’ll be required to do so in a commercial truck rental. Texas CDL Truck Services offers a fleet of Class A truck rentals. We also provide Class B truck rentals. Whatever you need to practice and pass your CDL skills test, we can provide.

Our fleet of rentals is easy to handle and has superior visibility for when you need to practice backing up and parking. We’ve selected commercial trucks precisely because they’ll help ensure you pass your skills and road tests the first time you take them.

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Find A CDL Trainer In Longview, TX

When you rent with Texas CDL Truck Services, your package will include one-on-one time with our experienced CDL trainers. Our CDL instructors will walk you through each portion of the skills test and help you understand everything you need to know to pass.

We’ve helped dozens of people in Longview get their CDL and will be able to design a curriculum that helps you with the exact things you struggle with during practice. After each session, they’ll provide you with a critique of your performance to help you learn.

We’ll give you everything you need to pass the skills test on your first try.

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  • In order to get your Texas Commercial Learner’s permit, you’ll need first to pass a series of written examinations. They’ll cover your general knowledge of driving regulations, commercial driving, and specific aspects of commercial trucks. They include:

    ● Texas commercial rules
    ● General knowledge
    ● Combination (If you’re getting a Class A License)
    ● Air brakes (if applicable)
    ● Endorsements tests

  • After you get your Commercial Learner’s Permit, you must wait 14 days before taking the skills and road test. This time is so that you can practice in a Class A or Class B truck similar to the one you’ll be driving. Texas CDL Truck Services is here to help you learn during this time.

    You may also need to get a medical certification. You can find more information about these certifications on the Texas DPS website.

    After the fourteen days are up, you can take your skills and road test. After you pass, you’ll get your Texas CDL.

  • The test has three main parts:

    Pre-Trip. The pre-trip will test your knowledge of vehicle safety, including whether or not you are qualified to operate the vehicle’s airbrakes. Our CDL instructors will help you learn everything you need to pass this portion.

    Basic Driving. This portion of the test will look at your ability to control the commercial vehicle in motion. You’ll be asked to drive, turn, back up, and park. Our fleet will position you for success here because you’ll have experience in the vehicle.

    Road Test. The final portion of the test will evaluate your ability on the open road and in traffic. You’ll be assessed on your ability to operate the vehicle safely--including lane changes and more.

Get Your Texas CDL in Longview, TX

Whether you’re just beginning the process or you’re ready to begin driving, Texas CDL Truck Services can help prepare you for a career on the road. Contact us today to schedule your rental.

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