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In 2022, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration introduced a national curriculum for individuals seeking a commercial driver’s license and certain endorsements.

This curriculum is designed to simplify getting a CDL in the United States, while ensuring every commercial driver has uniform instruction for the license or endorsement.

Individuals seeking to become school bus drivers will need to take and pass entry-level driver training for both Passenger and School Bus endorsements.

CDL Truck Services is an FMCSA-registered training provider that offers online ELDT training courses. Enroll today and qualify for your driving test with our School Bus and Passenger endorsement courses.

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Who Should Take the School Bus ELDT Course?

Individuals who are seeking to become school bus drivers are required to enroll in and complete coursework with an approved FMCSA training provider.

Additionally, you’ll be required to complete the Passenger and Class B entry-level driver training before you’re able to test for your school bus endorsement.

CDL Truck Services offers online ELDT courses for each of these requirements.

About The ELDT Training for School Bus Endorsement

CDL Truck Service’s online ELDT training courses allow you to take and pass your ELDT training from anywhere in the world.

We’re an FMCSA-approved training provider, and all courses meet federal regulations for drivers pursuing a school bus endorsement.

Our simple instructional portal will help you learn, study, and eventually pass any testing that’s required for your course.

School Bus ELDT Curriculum Standards

  • CDL Truck Service’s online ELDT training course will teach you the basics of how to operate a school bus safely. This includes pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure the vehicle is in good working order.

  • As a school bus driver, protecting your passengers is a top priority. Our ELDT training course will ensure that you understand the basics for emergency situations, including crashes and other possible situations.

  • School bus drivers have more safety considerations than other commercial drivers. Our online ELDT course will help you learn these safety standards to ensure that you’re able to care for your passengers and other drivers.

  • Managing passengers and students is a vital part of driving a school bus. This course will teach you how to manage student behavior, including instruction on bullying, administering discipline, and focusing on the road while driving.

  • Being able to properly plan your routes is a vital part of being a successful bus driver. This course will teach you how to plan and prepare for your route to limit distractions while transporting your passengers.

After Completing Your FMCSA ELDT Course

If you’re pursuing a School Bus endorsement, you’ll also need to qualify for a Class B license and a Passenger endorsement. Each of those requires you to take an ELDT training course to learn how to transport passengers safely.

CDL Truck Services offers online ELDT for Class B licenses and Passenger endorsements. We also offer behind-the-wheel training to help you get your Class B license.

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