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CDL Truck Services

If you’re looking to acquire a Class A license, you’ll need to practice and test in a Class A vehicle.

If you want to upgrade to a Class A license from a Class B, you’ll need behind-the-wheel time to help you get a feel for driving a larger truck. Most CDL-B vehicles are straight trucks, so you’ll need to get used to hauling around a trailer.

Whether you’re getting a new license or upgrading, CDL Truck Services should be your first choice for CDL truck rentals in Longview, TX, and the surrounding area.

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Class A Truck Rental for Driving Practice

Individuals with years of experience driving a Class B or Class C vehicle can struggle when they first get behind the wheel of a Class A truck.

People looking to get their first CDL will need time to practice all of the skills necessary for safe and efficient commercial driving.

To get a Class A license, you’ll also need to practice initiating and using the air brakes. If you’re a new driver or a Class B driver that doesn’t have that experience, you’ll need time–and someone to help–to learn those skills.

CDL Truck Services can provide both rentals and instruction to meet the unique needs of our students. Just contact us today and let us find the right rental for you.

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Class B Truck Rental for CDL Testing

You have to bring your own Class A truck to your CDL skills test. Most folks elect to use a rental for their test.

Of course, you want to have driven that vehicle before. Trucks can differ wildly, and if you practice on an automatic, you don’t want to drive a manual for your test for obvious reasons.

You also want to ensure that your CDL test truck is easy to drive and maneuver, has high visibility, and can help you pass.

We’ve selected our Class A rentals to ensure that our students have an easy-to-drive truck that they’ve driven before. Combined with our experienced instructors, our rental trucks will position our students for a successful skills test.

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About Our Class A Rentals

CDL Truck Services has hand-picked our Class A truck rentals to ensure that our students have a high-quality vehicle to learn and test with. We’ve paid special attention to ensuring that the vehicle is easy to drive, reliable, and has high visibility all around the cab. If you’re concerned about getting enough practice in a CDL test truck, contact us today to check our availability and to reserve your practice and testing rentals.

Our CDL Trainers

What You Need to Do To Rent a Class A Truck

Prior to your behind-the-wheel training, you’ll first need to complete any and all FMCSA ELDT training.

After completing your FMCSA training, you’ll need to study for and pass a series of written exams at your local DPS. In the order you should take them, these tests include:

Texas Commercial Vehicle Operation
General Knowledge Exam
Air Brakes
Combination (for Class A licenses)

After passing these exams, you’ll qualify for a Commercial Learner’s Permit. Once you have that, you’ll be able to begin behind-the-wheel training at CDL Truck Services.

If you need to rent a truck for a CDL test in Longview, TX, contact us today to book your rentals, and let our experienced CDL instructors help.

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