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  • Class A Theory

    The Class A theory class will prepare you to operate a Class A commercial vehicle. The course will familiarize you with the commercial rules of the road, as well as the vehicle itself, including the dashboard, interior, exterior, and air brakes.

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  • Class B Theory

    You’ll be required to take and complete the Class B Theory course before you’re allowed to take the Class B skills test and get your Texas CDL. The Class B theory course covers driving a Class B truck and the  rules of the road.

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  • Class B to Class A Upgrade

    If you currently have a Class B license and are seeking to upgrade to a Class A license, this course will cover your ELDT requirements when doing so. It’s a stripped down version of the Class A course and is designed around your existing knowledge of commercial rules.

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    If you’re looking to get a Hazmat endorsement, you’ll need to take this course. The course will instruct you on how to drive with hazardous materials, as well as the materials themselves. You’ll need to successfully complete this course before you can take the endorsement test.

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    If you’re looking to get a school bus endorsement, you’ll need to sign up and complete this course before you take the endorsement test. The course will cover driving techniques and rules of the road for driving for independent school districts.

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    You’ll need a passenger (P) endorsement if you’re getting a commercial driver’s license and will be required to drive more than 16 people. You’ll need to enroll, take, and complete this course in order to take the final endorsement test. 

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Get Your Entry-Level Driver Training Courses Out Of The Way

Entirely Online

If you’re looking to get your CDL quickly without leaving the comfort of your home, CDL Truck Services offers online ELDT courses.

These courses are a new national requirement that will allow you to learn about commercial driving and get behind the wheel for some training.

What Is FMCSA Entry-Level Driver Training?

Beginning February 7, 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has instituted a nationwide education curriculum for people seeking to get, upgrade, or add an endorsement to a Texas CDL.

Nationwide Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) courses are meant to provide consistent training for commercial drivers throughout the nation. You’ll need to take FMCSA ELDT courses if you’re:

  • Seeking a CDL for the first time
  • Upgrading to a Class A or Class B license
  • Seeking passenger (P) or school bus (S) endorsements
  • Seeking hazmat (H) endorsement

You’ll need to complete your ELDT coursework prior to taking the final skills test and earning your Texas CDL.

Class A & B BTW Training In Longview, TX

In addition to coursework, you’ll need to complete behind-the-wheel (BTW) training before you can take your skills test. If you need BTW training for a Class A or Class B license in Longview, TX, CDL Truck services can help.

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