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Earn Your Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Endorsement from Anywhere in the World

Online FMCSA Entry Level Driver Training for Hazmat Endorsement

In 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted new, nationwide training requirements for every person pursuing a CDL after that date.

Entry-level driver training (ELDT) courses are now required for individuals to complete before getting behind-the-wheel training. These courses are meant to ensure that every commercial driver has the same foundational knowledge to begin their training.

CDL Truck Services is an FMCSA-approved ELDT training provider, and we offer ELDT courses that you can take anywhere in the world.

If you’re thinking about getting a CDL, start with us. View our courses or enroll online today.

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About the ELDT Hazmat Endorsement Course

The new ELDT regulations require anyone pursuing a Hazmat (H) endorsement to take and pass an ELDT theory course that covers basic knowledge of transporting hazardous materials.

Our online Hazmat Training course is an FMCSA-approved course that will satisfy those requirements.

After completing this course, you’ll have all of the information and training you need to move forward and get your Hazmat endorsement.

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Who Should Take ELDT Hazmat Training?

Individuals seeking a Hazmat endorsement for the first time will need to take and pass the ELDT Hazmat training course.

If you had a Hazardous Materials Endorsement prior to February 2022, you won’t need to complete this course.

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Course Contents

  • The course will cover the basics for operating a commercial vehicle that’s towing hazardous materials. This includes railroad and bridge crossings, driving on the road, and other basic elements handling hazardous material.

  • Hauling hazardous materials requires extra safety precautions to protect you and the drivers around you. The ELDT Hazmat theory course will help you better understand those precautions and how they’re marked.

  • Emergency Response & Crash Safety

    Responding to a crash is vital to securing your cargo and keeping the people and environment around you safe. This course will introduce you to methods to report crashes and spills while teaching you basic safety precautions in the event of a crash.

  • Maintenance

    Hazardous materials can change how you’ll need to fuel your vehicle. They require extra maintenance to ensure they’re performing their best. Our ELDT theory course will ensure that you’re prepared for those requirements.

  • Cargo Management

    Managing hazardous cargo is vital to ensuring the safety of your rig and those around you. This course will introduce properly loading and unloading hazardous materials to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Get Prepared for Your Hazmat Endorsement

Online ELDT Training with CDL Truck Services

Completing your hazmat ELDT course is the first step to competing your Hazardous Materials endorsement. If you’re looking to jumpstart your career or earning potential, CDL Truck Services can help.

Enroll in our online ELDT training program today and finish your course from anywhere in the world.

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