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In 2022, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration issued new nationwide requirements for those seeking a commercial driver’s license, regardless of what state they’re in.

People pursuing a new CDL or upgrading to a Class A CDL will need to take Entry Level Driver’s Training courses to ensure they have the knowledge they need to be safe and successful on the road.

CDL Truck Services offers each ELDT training course that will help you meet FMCSA requirements for getting a license. Even better, you can take them from anywhere in the world.

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Who Should Take The Online Class A Theory Course?

Firstly, the Class A Theory course is for those individuals who are pursuing a Class A license. This course will provide the basic knowledge they will need to move forward with their commercial driver’s training.

Individuals who are upgrading from a Class B to a Class A license should take the Class B to Class A Upgrade course.

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About The Class A Theory Course

CDL Truck Service’s Class A Theory course covers the essential knowledge an individual pursuing a Class A license needs. It’s designed for people who are getting their Class A license for the first time.

The online courses at CDL Truck Services can be taken from anywhere, and use a variety of instructional methods to ensure that you successfully complete the course. After you’ve completed your Class A Theory training, you’ll be free to move on to the next stages.

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Course Contents

The Class A Theory course contains five parts. Each covers a fundamental part of commercial driving.

  • This portion of the course covers the most basic elements of commercial driving. It includes information about the vehicle’s controls, how to control the vehicle in motion, how to back up and dock the vehicle, and more.

    This section also covers the pre-trip and post-trip inspection, which you will eventually be tested on.

  • This section of the course is designed to help you become a safer driver. You will learn about visual searches, communication, speed & space management, night operation, and operating a commercial vehicle in extreme weather conditions.

  • The Advanced Operating Practices of the course will teach you how to spot hazards and what to do if you lose control of your vehicle. You’ll learn what to do if your vehicle enters a skid or jackknifes and how best you can recover from other emergency scenarios.

  • Commercial vehicles have intricate systems that will tell you how the vehicle is performing. This section will teach you about the notification systems. It will also teach you how to diagnose problems, perform a roadside inspection, and the routine maintenance the vehicle will need.

  • The final section of the course will teach you how everything you need to know about being a driver–when you aren’t driving. It covers how to handle and document cargo, plan trips, how to remain aware of fatigue and wellness, and other important topics.

After Completing Class A License Training

After you’ve completed your CDL Entry Level Driver Training course with CDL Truck Services, you’ll be ready to move forward, and CDL Truck Services can provide everything you need to get a Texas CDL.

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